Attorney Cheryl A. Mick

Attorney Cheryl A. Mick attended Northern Illinois School of Law, graduating magna cum laude and 5th in her class in 1987. Since that time, Attorney Mick has maintained a Wisconsin general law practice with an emphasis in the area of family law, including divorce, child custody, child support and step-parent adoption. In addition to these areas of family litigation, Attorney Mick also assists families with residential real estate transactions, wills and estate planning and issues related to elder law.

Although developing a very successful family law litigation practice, Attorney Mick takes the approach that family matters best lend themselves to negotiation, mediation and settlement, thereby leaving control of the outcomes in the hands of the parties who will live with these outcomes rather than in the hands of a judge who cannot always understand the nuances of each circumstance. Attorney Mick believes this to be especially true in the matters related to children, who can withstand much change in their lives, so long as their parents are “friends”. It has been Attorney Mick’s experience that the application of these principals tends to produce outcomes in family matters which resolve more quickly and with much less emotional and financial cost to the participants.